Choose the perfect chair for your space

Chairs can help add charm, elegance, and a bit of intrigue to your room's ambiance. They draw the eye's attention and Invite visitors deeper into the space.  Choosing the right chair can be stressful, considering Eternity Modern offers over 160 chairs available in a multitude of styles, colors, and upholstery types. 

With the right chair, you'll create that inviting and cozy space you dream of transforming your room into. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect chair for your space that will help set the mood you desire.

Living Room

When you're looking for the perfect accent chair to complement your living room design, first consider these four things.

  1. The chair's purpose.
  2. Your room's style.
  3. The chair's color and upholstery.
  4. The size of the space.

If you prefer a minimal design chair, the Borge Mogenson Chair comes upholstered in premium leather on all sides for adding a simply stylish complement to your main seating. This piece is all about comfort and durability.

For a bold and visually appealing accent chair, the Husk Chair High Back will not disappoint you. Choose the darker, bolder upholstery colors for a more stark accent or the more neutral shades for a chair that blends in well with your room design. The portioned cushions stimulate the mind to work well with different styles, and the ergonomic profile adds to this chair's functionality.


When shopping for a chair for your bedroom, first determine what role that chair will play. 

  1. Will this chair be only occasionally used, such as sitting on to change clothes?
  2. Are you fitting this chair in a space that will become your favorite relaxation area?
  3. Is this chair solely a visual accent to drape a throw over the back or arm?

How much space will you have for this chair? You need to be able to move comfortably around your room. Measure your space before you shop so you know if you have room for something more luxurious, perhaps something with an ottoman, or if you need something small that can be pushed into the corner.

When you're shopping for that quiet place to read after a long day, the Swoon Lounge will not only take care of you with excellent back support but also look amazing. Available in a multitude of upholstery choices, you're sure to find the chair that fits in with your room's ambiance perfectly.


Buying kitchen chairs takes forethought. Mixing and matching tables and chairs can be more challenging than you think. Kitchen chairs must work with the table, the room, and even the body style of your guests.

Consider your table design when shopping for chairs. A straight angled table with tapered legs may work better with straight-legged chairs with a square or rectangular build. Sinuous leg tables may do better with chairs with swirls in their design or similar leg structure.

How big is your table, and what body style do your guests have? Twenty-two inches is the standard width for an armless dining chair. If your dining table is larger than average, consider going with wider chairs or chairs with arms. Measure your table height and choose chairs that allow a minimum of 12 inches from the top of the seat to the top of the table.

How moveable do your chairs need to be? Young children and the elderly will have a more difficult time moving heavy chairs. If you choose upholstered chairs, make sure they're not too heavy to move in and out.

If you're looking for easy to care for chairs, choose upholstery that's ready for accidents. Leather, Ultrasuede, and cotton blends are easier to clean. Fabrics like chenille and velvet will show wear and be more difficult to clean.

For the carefree look of the 50s and 60's design era, the Angie Dining Chair is a delightful addition to your dining room. For continuing a fluid flow in a kitchen design, you can't beat this chair for a natural touch. It's so comfortable and sophisticated that it will pull double-duty as a lovely accent chair too.

Natural beauty meets functionality in this timeless icon. Available in Walnut or Black finish, this chair will compliment your mid-century modern kitchen design and build a welcoming ambiance.

Home Office

Your home office may be where you work to make a living, or it could be as simple as a writing desk for paying bills and writing correspondence. These two situations have very different requirements, and your chair needs are unique for each one.

For a desk or office table that will only be used occasionally, your chair needs stress aesthetics more than functionality. Measure the height of your desk or table and choose a pleasing accent chair or an executive chair that fits comfortably with it and the design flow of your room.

This curvy executive armchair works well with home writing desks and work tables for a workstation that is as comfortable as it is beautiful. This luxurious piece will add intrigue and meld well to any room design you use it in.

Choose a high-quality chair that brings a sophisticated, professional air to the room’s ambiance for the home office you'll spend hours in. Look for durable materials and a comfortable, ergonomic design for a chair you’ll love spending work days in.

This office chair comes in multiple designs to match all your functions, styles, and needs. High-quality, functional, and exceptionally dependable, this is the mid-century modern office chair you've been looking for.

If you’re unsure of which color is best for your chair, here is a closing tip:

Test-drive the upholstery first. 

We offer swatches to help you choose the right look for your space. It’s the perfect way to sample upholstery and ensure it fits in with the rest of your room’s furnishings before buying.