2005 – 2015

Eternity Modern began as a typical traditional furniture supplier who wholesaled to retailers with brick and mortar storefronts, since we believed that customers preferred to purchase furniture items in person. At this time, we did not consider selling furniture online.


Invested into manufacturing facilities in China specializing in upholstered furniture.


Partnered with a manufacturer in Vietnam specializing in wooden furniture.


Partnered with manufacturers in China specializing in metal components.

2015 – 2016

We re-structured our business model, eliminating all of the “middlemen” – resellers, dealers, salespersons. Meanwhile, we reduced the number of SKUs in our catalog, to focus on quality goods only.

2016 – Present

In 2016, we launched Eternity Modern as a retail website, selling to end-customers directly.

A Meticulous Passion For Design