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Our company is dedicated to crafting quality products specifically for our furniture line. We have a strong relationship with our production factory, with whom we have partnered with for well over a decade. Our products are made in the most responsible manner and utilize ethical practices during the manufacturing process. We do not compromise on any procedures and follow a strict protocol to ensure that the quality of our products is maintained. This way we are also able to reduce and minimize any waste, thus enabling us to operate at a high level of productivity. All of our products heed the highest North American standard.


We eliminate all unnecessary layers, thus enabling us to provide the highest quality furniture with the most economical price tag. We are committed to creating beautiful, classic designs accessible to the masses.

It is also important to take note that due to the quality of our materials and skilled labour, our products are on a different level than most other replica’s on the market (ie: some companies utilize plastic for their chairs, while we use fiberglass, or recycled foam made sofa vs our ECO foam sofa, or artificial leathers vs our genuine Italian leathers). Which means you can purchase from us with assurance!




Our dynamic team loves fantastic furniture design! Our furniture products are built to last and we proudly stand by their quality. Our knowledgeable Customer Service staff are happy to guide you through our extensive line of products. To reinforce our devotion to our customers, all of our furniture is 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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We love to here from our customers! Contact us Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm PST using our Live Chat services or toll free line 1-800-993-0903

Logistics Service

We have a highly experienced and qualified logistics team with strong connections with several reputable shipping companies.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our top priority and our attentive Customer service team will reply to your inquires within 24 hours.


Our production team is committed to utilizing only the highest quality of materials/fabrics. All our furniture components undergo rigorous testing to ensure that we use only the finest/safest materials. Our woods are constructed from high-end renewably sourced lumber and are treated for durability and pests implemented by a non-toxic heat treatment. Our cushions are designed for utmost comfort with high density, high elasticity Dacron wrapped foam that is fire retardant and nontoxic. Just to name a few examples, hence ALL elements of our furniture are extremely people and pet-friendly!


Eternity Modern has a long and rich history in the e-commerce furniture industry. Thus, we can draw from our vast experiences, learning and evolving through the ages. By partnering directly with our manufacturing team, as well as cutting-edge advances in factory technology; combined with prized knowledge of our craftsmen and their skills; translates to our customers being able to purchase with utmost confidence! We have a passionate and dedicated team from Production to Designers to Customer service to Logistics. At Eternity Modern, we hope to convey a sense of transparency that other e-commerce and brick and mortar platforms do not offer. Allowing you, our valued customer to purchase with peace of mind.


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