Why Mid-century Modern Is Crazy Popular

January 21, 2019

The perfectly vintage and upscale aesthetic of the Mid-Century Modern style has been relevant ever since its conception circa 1945. Pioneered by talented artists and designers like Charles and Ray Eames, along with Florence Knoll, Arne Jacobson, and more, this style is most prevalent in stylish furniture and remains at the top of the most popular globalized trends even today.

The main reason for this is because of its practical approach and amazing visual quality. Each piece of furniture concocted in this style is a work of art in its own right. They not only feature clean, sculptural lines, but also an outspoken aura that makes them the perfect accent pieces in most kinds of interior designs. Let’s take a closer look at the staying power of Mid-Century Modern furniture and all that you need to know about it:

Why is it so popular?

 Midcentury Modern

As with most things, there isn’t just one aspect that has made the Mid-Century Modern furniture so popular. In fact, it’s thanks to a variety of reasons that this style has become so recognized. One of these include the fact that it’s so readily available. Brands like IKEA and West Elm is one of the most prominent reasons that it remains in style.

Another reason may be that the shapes and curves of Mid-Century Modern furniture are timeless. They emulate the clean lines of the modern style, but their materials and finishes are being constantly upgraded to keep up with contemporary needs and sensibilities.

Another reason could be that it’s a style that complements small spaces quite well. It’s becoming harder and harder for the available real-estate to keep up with the massive population boom in urban areas, and Mid-Century Modern furniture is one of those evergreen and ubiquitously available genres that can complement small spaces just as well as larger ones.

Or it could be how television shows like Mad Men is utilizing Mid-Century Modern furniture in their set designs. The professional stylization of these sets and their rising popularity is another reason that this style still remains highly fashionable.

A culmination of all these facts has resulted in a massive popularity for this style, and it doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the end.

Main characteristics?

Midcentury Modern Characteristics

Now that we’ve pinned down a few reasons why this style of furniture has staying power, it’s time to look at some of its main characteristics. It’s extremely casual, but the linework and detailing is definitely something that stands out the most. Here are a few characteristics that can help you pin down these pieces perfectly:


  • Materials:

     Wood is massively used in the Mid-Century Modern furniture. The warm aesthetic of this material is not only used in its original forms, but iconic designers like Charles and Ray Eames used composites like plywood. They even layered and experimented with these composites to create the best free-flowing shapes possible. Their Eames Lounge Chair is an excellent example of this experimentation. You’ll also see hints of metal and glass along the way - images: Eames Walnut Stool
    MidCentury Materials

  • Moderate Footprint:

     The massing of Mid-Century Modern furniture is pretty moderate. Since it’s actually derived from an extension of the modern movement, it appreciates a rather simple and sleek aesthetic. You won’t see many Mid-Century Modern pieces that are extremely heavy-set and boldly massive - image: Le Corbusier LC2 Chair

    Moderate Footprint

  • Clean lines:

     Sleek and clear linework is another major characteristic of the Mid-Century Modern furniture. This doesn’t exactly mean that it only has straight or oblique lines in its design. In fact, curved and circular lines are just as dominant within this style, but they need to be free-flowing and uninterrupted in order to truly deliver the true essence of this style - image: Pavilion Daybed Style

    MidCentury Clean Lines

  • Color scheme:

     While most of the Mid-Century Modern furniture palette is carried out in wood, metal, and neutral hues, there are certain pieces – mostly accent chairs and sofas – that can be upholstered in brighter hues. These include vibrant colors like lime, powder blue, and reds - image: Finn Juhl 1940 Pelican Chair

    Mid-Century Color Scheme

  • Form follows function:

    The Mid-Century Modern furniture has at least come to a conclusion of this particular age-old dilemma: the form always follows the function. It’s extremely minimalist and there is no part which is just there for décor. Every element has a purpose – nothing is there just for the sake of décor - image Finn Juhl 45 Chair

Reasons to invest in Mid-Century Modern furniture!
Invest In Mid-Century Furniture

If infinite style is not enough reason for you to invest in Mid-Century Modern furniture, here are a few more reasons that will make you change your mind:

  • Vintage appeal:

    One of the best qualities of Mid-Century Modern furniture is that it has a gorgeous vintage appeal. It belies that typical modern and contemporary sleekness to deliver a nostalgic look that is extremely cool and cozy at the same time.

    Vintage Appeal

  • Evergreen style:

    Mid-Century Modern furniture has a unique timeless quality. No matter how much time passes, these pieces are always going to remain in style. They can complement all sorts of interior design styles, so the visual versatility is a total bonus - image: Shell Chair

  • Excellent quality:

    While many authentic Mid-Century Modern furniture pieces are made from wood veneers and particle boards, they’re definitely of excellent quality. Not only do they ensure an overall design/material consistency, but it also adds an element of warmth - image: Womb Chair & Ottoman
    Excellent Quality

  • The eco-friendly choice:

    Reducing your carbon footprint is significant for our environment and now you can do exactly that by opting for Mid-Century Modern furniture! By opting for them, you’ll definitely be making a green decision.
    The Eco Friendly Choice

  • Charisma:

    Mid-Century Modern furniture has an inherent charisma that comes from its bold designing. Although the pieces as a whole are a mix of materials, their overall visuals never fail to exude a sense of character thanks to the distinct styling.
    Mid-Century Modern Charisma


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