Top Ten Unique Mid Century Modern Chairs

May 10, 2019
Top Ten Unique Mid Century Modern Chairs

There is no doubt that the mid century produced some of the most magnificent futuristic designs ever. Actually, some of the contemporary designs still borrow a leaf from these mid century modern chairs. 

But still, nothing compares to the elegance and comfort that the mid century modern chairs offer. Here is a look at the top 10 unique mid century modern chairs.

Bertoia Side Chair

Sometimes experiments lead to inventions of designs of future marvel. This was the case in 1950 when Harry Bertoia’s experimenting with bent wires invented the classic Bertoia side chair.

The simple design of this mid century modern chair features metal wires which are curved while ensuring ultimate comfort. The metal wires are well polished to give the chair an ambiance of beauty.

Alternatively, you may find powder coated paint variant of this chair. Seat cushions consist of fabric edges that are secured using a lock snap to the chair.

Bertoia describes this chair as a chair that allows space to pass through it. And true to his words, this chair complements the environment.

Bertoia Side Chair


Borge Mogensen 2211 Armchair

You don’t have to be a design expert to identify this mid century modern chair. The Borge Mogensen 2211 Armchair is a simple chair but with a twist of elegance.

Borge Mogensen designed this chair in 1962, and he was very mathematical in the way he designed this particular chair. It features geometrical shapes covered by soft natural Italian leather.

This is the ideal chair if you are looking to add elegance to your interior, while at the same time aiming to conserve space.

As part of the Borge Mogensen collection, this is a must-have classic design if you are looking for a mid century modern chair.

Borge Mogensen 2211 Armchair


Corona Chair

The Corona chair was an instant success when it was designed by Poul M. Volther and Erik Jørgensen in 1964. Different theories suggest the inspiration for this chair.

One theory suggests that it gets its inspiration from the surrounding corona of a lunar eclipse. Another theory suggests that its inspiration is from a human spine which appears when you look straight into it.

It features a sequence of ovate cushions with open spaces separating them. A stainless-steel frame is used to hold these cushions in place while curving down at the base to offer support.

The cushions can either be of semi-aniline leather or soft cashmere wool. There are different available for your selection.

Corona Chair


Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair

The Eames molded plywood lounge chair is a simple yet beautiful chair designed by couples Charles and Ray Eames. The elegance of this mid century modern chair saw it being named the 20th century best design by Time magazine.

The design of this chair offers a unique shape for perfect fitting to the human body. The frame looks like a hyena with back legs shorter than the front legs.

The seat pans have five lightweight sheets of veneer. The supporting base and the spine have eight plywood layers that offer extra strength. 

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair


Finn Juhl 45 Loveseat

Finn Juhl is the genius behind the design of this futuristic mid century modern chair that he designed in 1945. The Finn Juhl 45 loveseat is a breakaway from the traditional arm seat designs.

It features curved backrest and bountiful seat cushioning which offers comfort for two people. The support system of the seat consists of an elegantly crafted wood frame which provides stability and strength.

The chair achieves a drawn-out appearance by having forward and upward arms and having the frame of the middle seat downwards and backwards.

The availability of Finn Juhl 45 loveseat in different colors gives you the opportunity of selecting one that blends with your surroundings.

Finn Juhl 45 Loveseat


Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair

Rarely do we get to talk of classic mid century modern chairs that were designed by women. The Eileen Gray Bibendum chair is one of this kind that surpasses these expectations.

It was designed by Eileen Gray in 1926. Its inspiration and name was drawn from the then famous Michelin Man of inflated tires, which has been Michelin’s trademark since 1898. It carries with it a sense of humor having been inspired by a fictional character.

It features bubbled leather strips that offer a hugging and floating effect to the user. The base consists of chromium-painted steel tubes offer the strength to the chair.

While the seat does not have legs, the steel tubes provide the support it needs. This beautiful chair was designed specifically for lounging, comfort and socializing.

The experience of sitting on the iconic Bibendum is much like enfolding oneself in a sheath of soft leather.

Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair


Ball Chair

Designed by Eero Aarnio, a Finish designer in 1963, this mid century modern chair resembles the shape of a ball and is also known as a globe chair.

Its simple design consists of comfortable cushions enclosed in shell fiberglass offering a 360-degree swivel.

In 1968, it was a star sensational during its unveiling at Cologne international furniture fair. It is this debut that made it a global success.

The advantage of this chair is that it comes in different colors and materials that are friendly even to young children.

Ball Chair


Bertoia Bar Stool

Simplicity and comfortability are the two words that can be used to describe this unique piece that designed in the 1950s by Harry Bertoia. Its frame consists of steel tubes while the seat is raised and curved in a polished style.

The seat pad easily attaches itself to the chair using snap buttons giving you the much-needed comfort. Not only can you use this mid century modern chair on bar counters, but its elegant casual designs also allow positioning in the living areas.

Bertoia Bar Stool


Bubble chair

The success of the ball chair was a huge motivational factor for Eero Aarnio quest to conquer the hemispheric set design. And he didn’t fail; in 1968, he designed a transparent acrylic chair that was a simple yet futuristic mid century modern chair.

The bubble chair comprises a shell acrylic stainless-steel structure which makes it transparent. Apart from the acrylic part, it has the same features as the ball chair.

The inner part of the acrylic shell comprises of fluffy cushions that offers comfort while using it.

Egg Chair

None of Arne Jacobsen’s famous designs stands out than the egg chair which he designed in 1958. Actually, when you look at this chair, it is hard to imagine that the design is half a century old.

It features an oval shape that has a reinforcement of fiberglass curving around the user. This design gives you the ultimate cozy feeling.

The legs of this chair consist of aluminum that is mounted on top of a satin-steel pedestal. There are two variants of this mid century modern chair, that is, the fabric and leather variant.

Egg Chair


In Summary

Nothing adds beauty to your space like the mid century modern chair. If you are a lover of classic chairs, then this is the perfect opportunity to collect some of these chairs. Not only are they attractive, but you are sure of getting value for your money. These chairs demonstrate timeless appeals that are sure to get you hooked.


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