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Top 25 Inspiring Interior Designers in Toronto to Follow

May 14, 2021
Top 25 Inspiring Interior Designers in Toronto to Follow

 As the fastest-growing city in Canada, the talent in Toronto is expansive and its design scene is like no other. To assist you in your search for the interior designer that best aligns with your interior style and design needs, we’ve compiled this list of the top interior designers in Toronto. 


Gillian Gillies

    Top Interior Designers in Toronto


    Founded and led by Gillian Gillies, this interior design firm specializes in creating immersive spaces with a strong focus on unique textures and materials to provide clients with a tailor-made design that “fits them like a made-to-measure suit”. Their strong emphasis on beauty and function has brought about some of the most well-design spaces, with clients raving about how their homes were truly transformed in the most breathtaking way. Whether you’re looking to design a single room in your apartment or do a complete overhaul on your entire home, Gillian Gillies and her team can do it all.


    Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors + Design

     Top Interior Designers in Toronto, Liz Metacalfe


    With a stellar reputation for their innovative and distinctive interior design styles, Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors is renowned for helping their clients achieve an unimaginably beautiful home that encompasses both elegance and comfort. The firm is committed to educating and exposing clients to new concepts, products and ideas, exploring all the realms of possibilities and pushing the boundaries of design. Their interior design style would be what one would describe as understated modern luxury, and if this is what you’re looking for, you’ve found your match.


    Four Blocks South

    Top interior designers in Toronto

    Led by Beth Lowenfeld, Four Blocks South prides itself on its philosophy of designing a space that is a unique reflection of each client’s personality. From contemporary to traditional, transitional to industrial, the firm’s ability to take on a diverse range of residential projects is unparalleled. Their collaborative process is highly revered by clients, ensuring that they always feel included and involved in the designing of their dream home. Four Blocks South can customize their interior design services on projects of any size from start to finish, so you can consult them with anything and everything that you need.


    Laura Stein Interiors

    Top interior designers in Toronto

    Founded in 2006, the vision of Laura Stein Interiors has always been consistent – to inspire her clients and deliver beyond what they ever dreamed possible. Her well-trained eye for both form and function has resulted in many spaces that we all love. Every design is special and customized to cater to the client’s needs, but yet still always infused with Laura’s signature sense of fresh, understated luxury. With a multitude of highly acclaimed and distinguished work, this is a firm to visit for your next interior design project.


    Cecconi Simone

    Top Interior Designers in Toronto - Cecconi

    Cecconi Simone is a multi-disciplinary interior design practice that is experienced in creating beautiful, award-winning interiors for the retail, corporate, hotel-hospitality and residential sectors in Canada and across the world. The firm established itself on the principle that a multitude of design experiences brings about a deeper understanding of how people live their lives, which in turn allows them to then comprehend the design needs that arise from those lifestyles. After viewing their wide spectrum of portfolio, it looks like there’s nothing this firm can’t accomplish.


    Spaces by Jacflash

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Space by Jackflash

    This Toronto interior design firm prides itself on elevating spaces by selecting the perfect furniture pieces and accessories that not only reflect their clients’ space but also their lifestyles. Founded by Jaclyn Genovese in 2014, Spaces by Jacflash has since established itself as a strong contender in the interior design scene, designing spaces for multiple high-profile clients such as NBA and YouTube stars. Her design style has been described as “cutting edge” and “timeless”, and if this is what you’re looking for, you most definitely want to check her out.



    Avissa Design

     Top interior designers in Toronto - Avissa

    Known for her elegant and sophisticated aesthetics, Avissa Mojtahedi, founder of Avissa Design, is a Toronto-based interior designer who can transform any space to capture the client’s style and taste. Her appreciation for rich colours and textures, along with her unique yet practical custom interiors, is reflected in her many projects, including her work with HGTV’s The Property Brothers. If you’re searching for an interior designer to transform your blank slate into an exquisite home, look no further.



    Avenue Design Inc.

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Avenue Design

    Avenue Design Inc. is another one of the best full-service interior design firms in the Greater Toronto Area. Known for their passion for making a house into a home, their design team of five, led by Eva Healy, all have their specialties and can take on any projects, be it a modern, bohemian, luxury, eclectic or organic design you’re looking for. The firm is highly appraised by their clients and contractors alike and has been described as creative, professional and overall, a pleasure to work with.


    Emily Griffin Design

    Top interior designers in Toronto -

    For about 20 years, Emily Griffin Design has transformed countless spaces to help clients live beautifully. They pride themselves in not having a singular “look”, and instead, have created designs that deliver a perfect balance of originality while tailoring to every individual style. Led by founder Emily Griffin and co-owner Stephanie Houghton, the firm provides a diverse range of consultation and services. Coupled with the interior design experience they can bring to the table, working with Emily Griffin Design can help you achieve the best results for your home remodel.



    Estee Design

    Toronto top interior designers - estee design


    With her approach to design that embraces modern aesthetics mixed with tradition and ethnicity, Svetlana Tryskina, founder of Estee Design, is committed to creating unique spaces filled with art, textures and colours that encompass the client’s personality and style. She has been honored with multiple awards from the interior design industry, and proudly shares her love for colours, textures, patterns and textiles through her interior design works. If you are looking for something unique and sophisticated, yet practical, then this firm is the one for you.



    Toronto Interior Design Group

     Top interior designers in Toronto - Toronto Group


    Led by esteemed principal designer Yanic Simard, Toronto Interior Design Group has made itself quite a name in the interior design niche over the past two decades and has also greatly impacted lives through their beautiful builds and designs. Their emphasis on letting joy and comfort drive one’s home design is something that appeals to many clients, and they are widely known for their tasteful approach to design. The boutique interior design firm can do it all – design, build, project manage and furnish your space all “in-house” – and pride themselves in their incredible reliability, passion and commitment. With all that being said, Toronto Interior Design Group can help you achieve your dream home, stress-free.



    Douglas Design Studio

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Douglas Design Studio


    Known for their expert residential and commercial interior design services, Douglas Design Studio is one of Toronto’s finest. Owned and led by Jeffrey A. Douglas, this firm specializes in producing designs that are rich with history, yet fresh and contemporary. As “lifestyle interpreters”, Jeffrey and his team operate on the belief that your home’s interior must be a reflection of you – be it who you are or how you live. The firm has been established for over 25 years and has an excellent track record of making the design process memorable, achieving extraordinary results, and most importantly, creating the perfect sanctuary.



     Top Interior Designers in Toronto - U31


    U31 is an award-winning interior architecture and design studio led by creative principles, Kelly Cray and Neil Jonsohn. Focussing on luxury homes, hospitality and large-scale mixed-use developments, U31 transforms and elevates the built environment through inspired, tailored and diverse designs.

    “Creating memorable interiors is a process of collaboration and innovation – curating thoughtfully designed spaces is our mission – and we love doing it”. - Kelly Cray


    Croma Design

    Toronto Top Interior Designers  - Croma Design


    Croma Design has been successfully realizing interior design dreams since 2001, bringing to life blank spaces that showcase the perfect blend of function, flow and beauty. Their motto of creating inspirational spaces to be proud of has led them to work on a multitude of projects that have been featured in some of Canada’s top interior design publications. Their talent and technique have been described as a  “recipe for success”, and they can elevate your space to new heights if you choose to go with their design services.


    Ali Budd Interiors

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Ali Budd Interiors


    Ali Budd Interiors pride themselves in helping clients live beautifully by transforming their house into a home. Their passion for design is demonstrated in their unique selection of curated and bespoke pieces, carefully tailored to every individual’s (and their pets’) style and need. With meticulous attention to detail, they can easily get a complete understanding of the client’s visual dream and design an aesthetic that is both timeless and liveable. This full-service design studio will definitely impress and is one of the best that you will come across.


    Jodie Rosen Design

    Top interior designers in Toronto -Jodie Rosen Design


    Jodie Rosen Design is one of Toronto’s finest interior design firms that places great importance on the collaborative approach to designand always strives to deliver the best value for their clients. Described as “absolutely sensational”, Jodie and her team have created spaces that are focused on both function and aesthetic, resulting in warm and stylishly sophisticated spaces. For the last eight years, Houzz has awarded the firm with the Best of Design and Client Satisfaction award, and this a testament to how amazing your next home project will be if you choose to go with them.


    Johnson Chou

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Johnson Chou


    Driven by their desire and passion to design a space that embodies a story inspired by the client, Johnson Chou Inc., an award-winning interdisciplinary design practice, dedicatedlyintroduces elements of drama and engagement on intellectual, emotional and physiological levels of experience into any project they take on. This firm provides an excellent cache of services and with their talented team, brings promise of innovation and excellence to every space that seeks transformation. Boasting an extensive and exceptional portfolio, the firm has set itself as one of the most revered design groups in the industry, and can ensure that your home design will be top-notch.


    Palmerston Design

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Palmerston Design


    Palmerston Design is led by a team of professional and passionate creatives that designs unique spaces for their clients, making their homes warm and inviting, yet chic and timeless. Their signature is that there is not one look as they aim to create the best space to complement every clients’ tastes and lifestyles. With about 20 years of experience under their belt, they can help you transform your home into the stunning space you envision it to be.



    Parkyn Design

    Interior Designers Toronto - Parkyn Design


    Driven by their desire and passion to create spaces that are innovative, personal and multifunctional, Parkyn Design, founded by Tania Parkyn, believes in a team approach and putting the client/designer relationship first to understand and tailor every detail in the home. Their belief that good design transcends style has resonated with many and is evident with their extensive portfolio of beautifully designed homes over the past 20 years. If you are searching for a firm that will achieve the best design results, look no further – there’s nothing this firm can’t accomplish.


    Frahm Interiors

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Frahm Interiors


    With a goal to exceed clients’ expectations in mind, you can guarantee that Frahm Interiors will help you achieve your dream home and bring it to new heights with their keen eye and passion for design. Whether you’re looking for a simple design consultation or a full-service design, this firm can do it all. With raving reviews about how the founder, Lisa, was able to understand the clients’ needs and budget while achieving a functional and beautiful space, you can be assured that you and your home will be well-taken care of.


    Fig Interiors

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Fig Interiors


    With their passion to create thoughtfully designed interiors that are meaningful and beautiful, that uplift and inspire, and bring joy to everyday living, Fig Interiors has established themselves as one of the most loved design firms in Toronto. The firm was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a space that inspires and brings comfort. Since their founding, they have started a unique program, titled “Giv by Fig”, that offers the opportunity for you to donate your gently used furniture to families who may not have the means to furnish their homes. If you’re looking for a firm that is not only passionate about interior designbut also about giving back to the community, Fig Interiors is the one for you.


    Diana Bastone Designs

    Interior Designers Toronto - Diana


    For the past few years, Diana Bastone Designs has received the best of Houzz awards for both design and client satisfaction by the online community, managing to deliver the best on every front. Diana Bastone’s passion for creating spaces that are both beautiful and timeless while keeping the client’s personal style at the forefront of the mind allows for the best design results. Since its establishment in 1999, the firm has worked on a range of residential projects to help clients transform their spaces by bringing their ideas to life.


    Fontana & Dames

     Toronto Top Interior Designers - Fontana and Dames


    Fontana & Dames has a remarkable motto for every project they embark on. They aim to create a space that is not only beautiful to you but also represents your style, celebrates your passions and brings together what you value the most. If various interior design styles are pulling you in different directions, Fontana & Dames can work with you closely to help you find the perfect match. Led by a power duo, Romina Tina Fontana and Jenny Dames, the pair brings extensive experience, professionalism and passion to all their projects, with high praises from their clients all around.


    FOHR Design

     Top Interior Designers in Toronto - FOHR Design


    Specializing in residential, commercial and lifestyle designs, this Toronto-based firm has made itself quite a name in the niche. Founded in 2012 by four creative individuals, this firm never fails to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table and continues to expand its portfolio with unique yet functional designs. FOHR Design is a multi-disciplinary firm – whether you’re looking for a new build construction, a simple design/colour/finish consultation, or even event planning – they can do it all. The team also distinguishes itself from competitors by putting the client-designer relationship first, ensuring that the needs and wants of the clients are heard and every detail can be executed to perfection by the designer.


    Designed by Iman

    Top interior designers in Toronto - Designed by Iman


    One of Toronto’s favourite interior design firms, Designed by Iman delivers on every front and guarantees every space to be picture perfect if you choose to work with her. Drawing inspiration from almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry, she has an eye for spotting flaws that could be effortlessly transformed into beautiful and functional features. Iman comes highly recommended by her past clients for her exquisite taste, attention to all the little details and thorough understanding of their wants, needs and budgets. If all these sound like what you’re looking for, then you need to check out Designed by Iman.