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Platner Armchair Will Add Instant Sophistication to Your Home

September 23, 2019
Platner Armchair Will Add Instant Sophistication to Your Home

What happens when you combine the work of I.M. Pei and Eero Saarinen? The result might very well look a Platner masterpiece.

Warren Platner enjoyed a stellar career in industrial design before lending some of his genius to furniture design.

He’s considered to be the master of steel wire furniture. Looking at the iconic Platner armchair, it’s not difficult to see why.

“What I wanted to achieve was a chair that, number one, was complementary to the person sitting in it, or to the person in the space between the wall and the chair — what the chair did for the person in respect to the scale of the person and the space.”

   - Warren Platner

Warren Platner Armchair

Distinguished by its iconic wire base, the soft curvatures of this classic series are finely constructed with detail from reinforced stainless steel rods and welded to horizontal and edge framing wire for a uniquely stable foundation.

Use it as a dining chair or just lounge on the soft cushion for hours.

The Platner Armchair adds a healthy dose of sophistication to any space that it inhabits.

Are you ready for it?

Warren Platner Armchair