Why Mid-Century Modern Furniture is a good long-term investment

The mid-century modern look is one of the most requested styles. This stylish and versatile style exists in homes and offices everywhere. 

It is timeless. Mid-century modern furniture lends a fresh feeling to your space without showing off. Never dull, the streamlined shapes of these pieces evoke an optimistic mood.

It is enduring and well-made. Mid-century modern furniture won't let you down. With this style, you won't have to settle for purely functional. You'll also build a charming ambiance that's comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. 

Mid-century modern furniture complements any style.

  1. You'll quickly find a piece that's quiet and understated to partner with your room's focal point without detracting from it.
  2. Minimalists find mid-century modern furniture very easy to incorporate into their decor, thanks to the clean lines and geometric shapes. The furniture’s wood accent and a splash of color add quiet beauty to the minimalistic style.
  3. Traditional styles will experience an ambiance upgrade and lived-in look from clean lines, geometric shapes, and furniture with tapered legs.
  4. Mid-century furniture blends in well with every style thanks to its simple, gentle curves and elegantly tapered lines.
  5. The combination of wood and metal and the pop of color it adds to the atmosphere will add an engaging element to your room design.

Sustainability is a trademark that has carried through the years from mid-century to mid-century modern styles. The mid-century modern builds off of a time when furniture was made solely for functionality and adds elements of Danish and Scandinavian influences. 

Moving from a piece made solely just for functionality, the mid-century modern style builds off of natural wood’s strength and durability. Here are some favorite woods used for mid-century modern styles.

Teak is rich, dark, durable, and a sign of quality. It pairs well with bold colors and makes an engaging statement. 

Oak is also strong and durable, and it's best for places where you want your piece to make a more subtle statement.  For this reason, it pairs well with the paler, cooler shades of mid-century modern design. 

Beech is another wood used for the frames of sofas and chairs, reminiscent of Scandinavian influences. It is strong, with a high-shock resistance. 

Merbau Wood is durable, strong, and valued as an alternative to teak due to its similar appearance. It has low shrinkage and low cracking power, as well as being insect resistant, making it a favorite wood for long-lasting furniture pieces.

Boldly colored and curved mid-century modern furniture creates an engaging focal point that grabs and holds attention in your design space. Surround your favorite furniture with a neutral scheme to allow it a voice.

Mid-century modern chairs add a touch of home to your room's main focus. It fits well with a wall full of abstract, eye-catching artwork, or a modern day fireplace. The slimline shape and tapered legs of an ergonomic chair make a simple statement and provide a comfortable place to sit.

Never underestimate the power a mid-century modern table can hold over your dining room ambiance. Choose a mid-century design icon to offset an overly neutral room design. The high-quality wood and subtle, clean lines elevate a room's visual appeal.

With the timeless quality and appeal of mid-century modern furniture, you can mix your light and dark wood tones with subtle textures and geometric shapes to add a lived-in appeal to your room. The mid-century modern style highlights your overall room design and creates an inviting ambiance.

Don't overlook the coffee table when you decorate your mid-century modern room. A well-made table has the perfect marriage of style and function. 

Sculpted natural wood bases are durable and eye-catching from every angle. Clear glass tops make for easy clean up. The two together become an understated, reliable, and beautiful element for homes and offices.

Marble is another favorite material for coffee tables, with its striking veining adding an element of surprise to the room decor. You'll capture attention and impress with this material's natural beauty that maximizes your room's aesthetics.

With mid-century modern furniture, you'll find a perfect balance of comfort, style, and functionality. This isn't furniture that will be here today and gone tomorrow. It's as enduring in functionality as it is in visual appeal and comfort.